Where can I buy Skip Hop products?

You can find Skip Hop products in finer department stores and independent children's retailers all over the country, as well as select retailers in Canada and other parts of the world. Click here to locate the retailer nearest you. You can also buy all Skip Hop products in our online store.

How do I clean my Skip Hop bag?

Instructions on how to care for items are on the inner tag of each item.

Canvas bags (Duo, Dash, Via Messenger): Spot clean/ hand wash with a damp cloth; mild detergent may be used; lay flat to dry (air dry only).

All other bags: Spot clean/ hand wash with a damp cloth; mild detergent may be used; lay flat to dry (air dry only).

Toys: Spot clean with a damp cloth; mild detergent may be used. Do not submerge any items with batteries in water.

Playspot: DO NOT submerge in water, DO NOT wash in dishwasher, DO NOT weather proof. Not designed for outdoor use.

Feeding (bottles, utensils, plates and bowls): Dishwasher safe!

How can I clean the Pronto Mini Changer?

Do not machine wash removable coated changing pad. Clean with wet cloth only.

Canvas diaper pouch: zip off pouch, machine wash, hang to dry.

Can I get a replacement strap or pad?

If you've lost your shoulder strap or would like to get a replacement pad, you can order them here.

Do you offer gift wrapping, gift cards or gift certificates?

At this time we do not offer gift wrapping, cards or certificates, but we have plenty of retailers that do! Please check out some of our online retailers such as Giggle, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, or Amazon.

How do I return a bag?

Please see our Returns page.

Will Skip Hop ever share my personal information?

We understand the sensitivity of your personal information and Skip Hop will not share or sell your personal information with other parties. When you order with us, we ask for your personal email address so we can communicate with you about your order, send you an order confirmation, and occasionally tell you about exciting Skip Hop news. You may opt-out if you no longer wish to receive communications from us.

All other personal information is used for order processing purposes and is kept private and secure.

Are Skip Hop products safe for my children?

At Skip Hop, we take safety seriously. All Skip Hop products are designed and tested according to applicable rules and regulations. In the U.S., this includes acts enforced by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and those defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The most recent U.S. legislation is H.R. 4040, also known as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), passed in August of 2008. This law addresses the amounts of lead allowable in children's products and child care articles, the amount of Phthalates allowable in children's toys and child care articles, as well as proper labeling and tracking of these items.

As per CPSIA, Skip Hop tests post-production samples of all regulated products, using certified third-party laboratories. These products are labeled with tracking information to identify the manufacturing date and location of each product.

We understand the concerns of parents regarding product safety. Since our company began selling innovative parenting products in 2005, we have invested in personnel and procedures to help ensure their safety and compliance. We will continue these efforts so that consumers can always feel safe and secure with Skip Hop products.

What kind of warranty does Skip Hop offer?
Please see our Warranty page.
Where can I find assembly instructions for my product?

We have many illustrations and instructions for you to download in a convenient PDF form. Just find you product below, and click to begin!

Download Playspot Assembly Instructions (PDF)
Download Splash Assembly Instructions (PDF)

I'd like to carry Skip Hop products in my store.

If you're a retailer and would like information on how to carry Skip Hop products in your store, check out this page or email us at sales@skiphop.com.

Do Skip Hop bags hold a lot of stuff?

Our bags are deceivingly streamlined. Their shapes were created to fit well on the back of a standard stroller, while also looking great as a shoulder bag. Even with this smaller profile, the bags still hold quite a lot of items - more than enough for a day out with two children. All of our bags have a wide variety of compartments and zippered pockets specially designed to carry all of the things a parent and baby needs. Many parents find that the number of pockets and easy organization are one of our bags' great assets!

What kind of strollers do Skip Hop diaper bags work on?

Skip Hop diaper bags can attach to a wide variety of strollers. In fact, the bag easily attaches to any full-size model, whether it has two separate handlebars or one long horizontal handlebar (such as on jogging strollers and most double strollers). Double strollers that have a middle handlebar will also work with our bags. For double strollers with only two handlebars spaced far apart (like the Maclaren Twin Traveller), our bags will not attach via the stroller straps, but their particular dimensions allow bags to be hung by the shoulder strap to achieve the right length.

Does the new Duo Double Bag fit on a single or tandem double stroller?

The Duo Double was designed and intended for use ONLY with a double side by side stroller. We do not recommend it for use with any single or tandem double stroller..

Will magnet closures effect damage my credit cards and electronics?

Our bags have magnet closures that make getting in and out of your Skip Hop bag easier (and quieter) than Velcro or snaps. Our magnets are too weak to damage most magnetic strip cards and electronics, but here is a list that will help keep all of your items safe:

The magnets will not damage credit cards or transportation cards with magnetic strips.

The magnets will not damage cell phones or digital cameras.

Be careful with iPods and smartphones; many have hard drives that are susceptible to damage by strong magnets. Check the user manuals for a magnet warning, and always keep these items in a case to be safe.

Be careful with magnetized hotel room key cards-these magnets are more sensitive. Keep them in your wallet or a case, not floating in your bag where they may come in contact with the bag magnets.